What will your financial legacy be? What are your goals for passing your wealth on to the next generation and beyond? Do you have a plan to ensure that your assets are protected from taxes to the greatest extent possible?


Because your business and family financial circumstances are inextricably linked, a big-picture approach is essential to effective trust, gift, and estate planning. We work closely with our clients’ attorneys and other financial advisors to structure, tailor, and administer trust, gift, and estate plans that place assets where you want them, decrease your tax burden, and make administration of the estate as smooth as possible.


Naturally, we appreciate the need for complete confidentiality in these types of financial matters. We take extra precautions to ensure that your private information stays that way.


Note that trust, gift, and estate planning is not just appropriate for those with extreme wealth. In fact, people in a variety of circumstances — including business ownership — benefit from this type of proactive thinking. We encourage you to contact us to discuss how a trust, gift, or estate plan could work for you.


Estate and gift tax advisory and planning services

Assistance with execution of estate plans

Fiduciary tax return preparation

Estate tax return preparation

Administration of trusts and estates

Disability trusts and guardianships

Wealth transfer planning

Business succession


For more information about our trust, estate,

gift planning services, please contact:



Helene H. Downs, CPA

Glenn M. Lankford, CPA



L. Peyton Humphrey, CPA


Our trust, estate, and gift planning services include:


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