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Understand Conflicts of Interest Before They Happen

How to Harness Corporate Philanthropy Today

New Reporting of Net Assets Starting Soon



Expense Reporting Takes on New Significance

Choosing the Right Board Portal

Have a Plan (and Stick to It)

Reduce Uncertainty With an Operating Reserve



Rethinking Nonprofit Financial Reporting

How to Keep Special Events Calamity-Free

Financials: Start Preparing Now

How Dusty Are Your Docs?


FALL 2016

5 Questions You Should Be Asking

Fundraising Events and Fair Market Value

Risk Management Steps You Can Take Today

Are You Protecting Your "Good Standing"?



Is Your Board Onboard?

Is Your Disaster Recovery Plan on Track?

An Executive Compensation Checkup


SPRING  2016

Is Your Board an Accident Waiting to Happen?

What to Know When Taking Federal Money

How to Build a Fundraising-Friendly Board

Nonprofit Governance and Your Board

Four Things You Should Be Checking



What's on Your Attorney General's Radar?

5 Things Your Nonprofit Should Know

4 Legal Best Practices for Nonprofits

Public Charity or Private Foundation?—


Fall 2015

Nonprofit Fundraising – Discover the Power of the Crowd

Financial Literacy – Does Your Board Really Know the Numbers?

A Look at Liability – Why Do Nonprofits Get Sued?

Nonprofit Insights – How to Maximize Community Foundation Giving Days



Executive Sessions – What They Are and Why You Should Have Them

Funding Matters – The Importance of Revenue Diversification

How to Perform Cloud Computing Due Diligence


Spring 2015

Making the Case – Tips for Effective Grant Writing

Nonprofits and Leases – Understanding the Options (and Opportunities)

FAQs:  The Low-Down on Hiring a Grant Writer

Grant Reform and New Single Audit Rules


Winter 2015

Best Practices – What Makes a Great Audit Committee?

Funding Notes – A Closer Look at Quasi-Endowments

Three Things Your Audit Committee Should Be Doing

Nonprofit Marketing in a Multi-Channel World


Fall 2014

Risk Assessment – 7 Threats That Can Bring a Nonprofit Down

Legacy Gifts – Best Practices for Your Planned Giving Committee

Good Governance – How Many Policies Do You Really Need?

Not All Bequests Are Created Equal


Summer 2014

Fundraising Strategies – Making Major Donor Events Work

Lawsuits and Lessons – The Importance of Honoring Donor Intent

5 Tips for Finding (and Keeping) Effective Volunteers


Spring 2014

Pushing for Change – What Your NFP Needs to Know About Lobbying

Mobilizing for Advocacy – It Takes a (Volunteer) Army

“So, How Much Lobbying Can We Do?”

Benchmark Your Performance


Winter 2014

Next Steps – Healthcare Reform and Nonprofit Employers

Eyes Wide Open – Who’s Watching Your Organization?

Healthcare Reform – The Next Steps

Website, Facebook Page – or Both?






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