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JULY 2017

5 Recent Supreme Court Decisions That Could Affect Your Business

Does Your Child Need to File an Income Tax Return?

Follow Detailed Recordkeeping Rules for Vehicle Expense Deductions

Estate Planning for Singles: Current Tax Rules May Dictate Changes


JUNE 2017

Consider Taxes Before Converting Your Home to a Rental Property

5 Common Mistakes Pre-Retirees Make

Surprising Challenges Employers May Face

Retirement Plans Can Be Disqualified For Not Keeping Up With Changes


MAY 2017

Capital vs. Ordinary: Classifying Income and Losses Affects Your Taxes

Yours, Mine and Ours: Estate Strategies for Second Marriages

Consider an Alternate Metric to Value Your Small Business

Avoid Family Feuds When Distributing Assets


APRIL 2017

The Ins and Outs of Deducting Legal Expenses

Avoiding the 10% Penalty On Early IRA Withdrawals

Important Update For Companies Who Lease Employees

Is Our Employee Assistance Plan Subject to COBRA and ERISA?

External Factors in a Business Valuation


MARCH 2017

Seniors: Consider These Tax Breaks When Filing For 2016

Tax Rules When Selling Your Home

Strictly Speaking: Travel and Entertainment Recordkeeping

Why Business Owners Don't Plan For Succession ... and Why It's Critical



How S Corporations Can Save on Federal Employment Taxes

Changes to Social Security in 2017

Managing Your Business Through a Crisis: 6 Steps to Success

Make Sure Workers and Managers Comply with HIPAA

Congratulations to Christopher C. Brubaker



IRS Reports a Significant Increase in Whistleblower Awards

Two Social Security Benefit Strategies Eliminated

Develop a Strong Hand to Negotiate Loan Covenants

Perks Abound at '100 Best Companies to Work For'

Tax Fraud Awareness: How to Protect Your Identity and Assets



Employee, Partner or Both? Recent Developments Help You Decide

Four Steps to Valuing an Estate

Achieve Sustainable Cost Cutting at Your Organization

The Basics of Gift Taxes

We Care.



New Overtime Rules Suspended For Now

Beware of a 100% Personal Liability Penalty

Relief From Student Loan Debt Tax Implications

Be Careful to Document Hardship Distributions and Plan Loans

Congratulations Glenn Lankford!


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Financial Steps to Take After a Child Is Born

Investing in Gold Can Be Taxing

What Goes Into a Wellness Program?

Tax Calendar



Customization Comes to Target-Date Funds

Drawing Down Your Portfolio in Retirement

Setting Paid-Time-Off Policies

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The True Cost of Higher Education

Make the Most of College Financial Aid

Campus Tax Credits Can Top Tax Deductions

The Second Best Investment You Can Make

Using IRA Money to Buy a Business Can Be Dangerous

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JULY 2016

What the New Federal Fiduciary Rule Means to Investors

ETFs Can Be Plain or Fancy

Disaster Planning Versus Succession Planning

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JUNE 2016

Should You Pay Summer Interns?

Planning for Today’s Pensions

Putting Your Money Into Timeshares

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MAY 2016

Health Insurance and Divorce

Fun and Games...and Taxes

New Law May Boost C Corporations

Tax Calendar


APRIL 2016

Deducting Sales Taxes

IRA Charitable Donations

Higher Education Tax Breaks

Tax-Free Investment Gains

Business Tax Benefits

Tax Calendar


MARCH 2016

Deducting Charitable Gifts

Tax-Efficient IRA Withdrawals

Cybersecurity for Business Owners

Tax Calendar



Deducting Interest Paid

The IRS May Put You on Hold

Portability in Estate Planning

Tax Calendar



Deducting Taxes Paid

Deducting IRA Contributions

Going Outside to Sell Your Company

Tax Calendar



Investing For the Long Term

QTIP Trusts Still Offer Advantages

Put Cadillac Health Plans on Your Road Map

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November 2015

Will the Third Shoe Drop?

Year-End Investment Tax Planning

Year-End Family Tax Planning

Year-End Retirement Tax Planning

Year-End Charitable Tax Planning

Year-End Business Tax Planning

Year-End Estate Tax Planning

Tax Calendar


October 2015

Cons and Pros of Roth IRAs

Where to Find Investment Income

Social Media for Business Owners


September 2015

Past Losses Offer Winning Opportunities

Supreme Court Decision May Affect State Taxes

Ongoing Responsibility for Retirement Plans


August 2015

Facing College Costs

What You Should Know About Student Loans

Restructuring Education Debt

Why You Need a Will

SIMPLE 401(k) Plans May Appeal to Employees


July 2015

The Math of Buy and Hold

Passive Activity Losses From Rental Property

Succession Planning for a Family Business


June 2015

Winning Social Security’s Waiting Game

Control the Costs of Weddings in Your Family

Keep Your Company After a Divorce


May 2015

Holding Stocks in Retirement Accounts

Finding a Low-Tax State

What Lower Oil Prices Mean to Your Company


April 2015

Are Tax Refunds Good or Bad?

Seeking Safety in Long-Term Treasuries

Private Health Insurance Exchanges for Business Owners


March 2015

Above-The-Line Tax Deductions

Dealing With Sequence Risk

Turn Relatives Into Employees to Reduce Taxes


February 2015

Renting Versus Buying a Home

Income Annuities in Employer Retirement Plans

When Workers Are Independent Contractors


January 2015

Create a Personal Cash Flow Statement

Tax Free Roth IRA Conversions

New Year’s Resolutions for Business Owners


December 2014

New Regulations Bolster Longevity Annuities

Global Funds Versus International Funds

Be Wary of Accumulated Assets


November 2014

A Tale of Two Couples

Year-End Investment Tax Planning

Year-End Charitable Tax Planning

Year-End Family Tax Planning

Year-End Retirement Planning

Year-End Estate Tax Planning

Year-End Business Tax Planning


October 2014

Planning for Retirement Income

As Collectibles Boom, Selling Can Be Taxing

S Corporation or LLC?


September 2014

Passive Investing Is Moving Up

Inherited IRAs in Bankruptcy

Deducting Foreign Business Travel


August 2014

Financial Aid Starts With the FAFSA

Grandparent Aid for College Costs

Keeping Wealth in Your Family’s Future

Tougher Rules on Reverse Mortgages

Reasonable Compensation for S Corporation Owners


July 2014

Be Sure About Rental Car Insurance

Deductions for Dining Out

Tax-Free Income From Renting Your Home


June 2014

The Risks of Riskless Investing

How Inherited Assets Differ From Gifts

Prime Points for Your Buy-Sell


May 2014

Liquid Alternatives Move Into the Mainstream

Mixing Annuities and IRAs

Making Expense Accounts Accountable


April 2014

Is It Time to Trim Stocks?

Supreme Court Bolsters Beneficiary Rights

Business Owners Get More Bang From Flex Plan Bucks


March 2014

Juggling Appreciated Assets and Bequests

Learning About Mutual Fund Share Classes

Estimated Taxes for Business Owners


February 2014

SEP Plans Go Separate Ways

Mixing IRA Distributions With Social Security

The “Other” April 15 Deadlines


January 2014

Five Years Later, Tax Lessons Learned

Benchmark-Based Life Insurance and Annuities

Underused Deductions for Business Owners





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