More than 90 percent of corporations in the U.S. are closely held businesses — those with a limited number of owners, sometimes related. This is our sweet spot. From start-ups to multinationals, closely held businesses are the core of our practice and the heart of our firm.

We appreciate the entrepreneurial spirit of these clients and do our very best to foster their success. We are proactive in addressing their needs, bringing them ideas and strategies to improve their business performance. For family businesses, we also understand the dynamics and challenges of working with those close to you, generation after generation.

The longevity of our relationships with these businesses speaks to the excellent rapport that exists between our clients and our firm. Our clients feel comfortable calling or stopping by to discuss what’s on their minds, and we don’t hesitate to share the knowledge we’ve gained by serving clients like them for 90 years.

In addition to our traditional accounting, audit, and tax services, our closely held business clients often take advantage of other services tailored to their needs: