Closely Held Businesses

More than 90 percent of corporations in the U.S. are closely held businesses — those with a limited number of owners, sometimes related. This is our sweet spot. From start-ups to multinationals, closely held businesses are the core of our practice and the heart of our firm.

We appreciate the entrepreneurial spirit of these clients and do our very best to foster their success. We are proactive in addressing their needs, bringing them ideas and strategies to improve their business performance. For family businesses, we also understand the dynamics and challenges of working with those close to you, generation after generation.

The longevity of our relationships with these businesses speaks to the excellent rapport that exists between our clients and our firm. Our clients feel comfortable calling or stopping by to discuss what’s on their minds, and we don’t hesitate to share the knowledge we’ve gained by serving clients like them for 90 years.

Our Closely Held Business Services Include:

Exit Strategy Consulting 
The day you start your business is the day you should start considering your succession plan and exit strategy. We can help you brainstorm and execute a plan.

Gift and Estate Planning
Your business and family financial circumstances are inextricably linked, so a big-picture approach is essential to effective gift and estate planning.

Merger and Acquisition Consulting
We can help you get your company ready for sale, perform due diligence, structure deals and determine the tax consequences of transactions.

Buy-Sell Agreements
A must-have for businesses with two or more owners, these documents dictate what will happen if an owner dies, is incapacitated or wants to leave the company.

Entity Structure Analysis
C or S corp? Partnership or LLC? Choosing the appropriate entity can have a significant impact on your tax situation.

Accounting System Consulting
Let us weigh in on which software and system will work best for your company.

Strategic and General Business Planning
Sometimes its beneficial to have the guidance and input of a neutral party when making big business decisions. We can help you identify and evaluate your options.

For more information about our services for closely held businesses, please contact:


P. Frank Berry, CPA
Christopher C. Brubaker, CPA/ABV
Richard M. Busofsky, CPA
Helene H. Downs, CPA
W. Keith Haney, CPA
James F. Hutcherson, CPA
Kevin L. Keller, CPA
Glenn M. Lankford, CPA
Jennifer S. Lehman, CPA, CGMA
Edward J. Schmitz, CPA, CFE, CGMA
Phillip W. Shiflett, CPA
Travis W. Simpson, CPA
Kendra L. Stribling, CPA
Robin C. Swink, CPA
Jeffrey D. Ulmer, CPA


Clarissa Brown Hoffman, CPA
Gerri L. Carr, CPA
Matthew J. Dean, CPA
Monte J. Glanzer, CPA
Matthew W. Hale, CPA
Celia J. Lankford, CPA
Christine M. Lindsay, CPA
Jyoti Saggar, CPA
Mark Wheeler, CPA/ABV/CFF


L. Peyton Humphrey, CPA
Alfred L. Layne, Jr., CPA
Lawrence J. Martin, CPA