Many of our firm’s earliest clients were in the manufacturing and distribution industry — and many of them are still our clients today. Our expertise in this sector comes from decades of helping small and large manufacturers and distributors better manage the complexities of their businesses. Our familiarity with the industry and with our clients’ specific opportunities and challenges lets us anticipate events and decisions our clients may not have contemplated yet.

Manufacturing Meeting

In addition to our traditional accounting, audit, and tax services, our manufacturing and distribution clients often take advantage of other services tailored to their needs:

    • COST STUDIES – Understanding your materials, labor, and overhead costs is crucial to pricing and profit generation. Get us involved early to maximize your opportunities.


    • INVENTORY MANAGEMENT – Mismanaged inventory can have significant cash flow consequences. The key to success is finding the sweet spot between a glut and a shortage.


    • MULTISTATE TAX ISSUES – Nexus can sneak up on you. Many manufacturers and distributors aren’t aware that they have tax liabilities in various states.


    • MERGERS AND ACQUISITIONS – We can help you get your company ready for sale, perform due diligence, structure deals, and determine the tax consequences of transactions.


    • TAX STUDIES – Let us help you create value and maximize tax advantages by determining the best way to capitalize costs.


    • BENCHMARKING STUDIES – How do you stack up against the competition? Are your costs in line? A benchmarking study can provide insight and information to improve your market position.


    • CASH FLOW MANAGEMENT – Cash is king, so planning for future cash requirements is vital to ensuring the financial security of your company.


    • DASHBOARD ANALYSIS – What key indicators are critical to your business?


    • FEDERAL AND STATE TAX CREDITS – We can help you identify and claim tax credits applicable to your business.


  • INTERNAL CONTROLS REVIEW – This service is designed to evaluate existing controls and identify areas for improvement to increase efficiency and deter fraud.

For more information about our manufacturing and distribution services, please contact:


P. Frank Berry, CPA
W. Keith Haney, CPA
Kevin L. Keller, CPA
Alfred L. Layne, Jr., CPA
Edward J. Schmitz, CPA, CFE, CGMA
Travis W. Simpson, CPA
Robin C. Swink, CPA

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