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Ensure the Value of 401(k) Plans

It may be easy to let a 401(k) plan run itself once it is set up. After all, the employees are responsible for most of the decision-making. But, there are two reasons to avoid lapsing into that routine: fiduciary responsibility and good business sense. When your...

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The Tax-Wise Way to Pay Medical Costs

Health Savings Accounts or HSAs, which taxpayers can use to help control escalating medical costs, have been around for several years now. What is an HSA? Essentially, it works like this: Individuals and businesses buy less expensive health insurance policies with...

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Dividing Assets, and Tax Bills, in Divorce

When a divorce happens, there are often major financial consequences and some important tax issues too. Here are the tax rules that generally apply when a couple's assets are split up in a divorce property settlement. State Law Is Important How assets are split up in...

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