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Navigating a Global Expansion

Is your business part of the global economy? If not, it may be losing out on some revenue- and value-building opportunities. However, "going global" obviously isn't as simple as snapping your fingers and tapping into new markets. And it isn't necessarily right for...

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Uncle Sam Wants to WARN Employers About a Layoff Law

If your business finds that it must lay off a large number of employees, make sure you are in compliance with a federal law that requires some employers to provide advance notification. This little-known law is called the Federal Worker Adjustment and Retraining...

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Consider Your Options for Claiming Social Security

There's an old saying: "Everybody complains about the weather, but nobody ever does anything about it." Unlike the weather, you can do something about your Social Security benefit. It involves which claiming strategy you choose. Don't underestimate the importance of...

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