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Contingency Planning for Small Business Owners

Along with warm temperatures, summer can bring natural disasters. Across the country, residents are currently facing hurricane season along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts, severe storm season in the Midwest, flood season along the Mississippi River and wildfire season...

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Smart Ways to Handle Off-Site Employees

With today's technology, many companies and their employees have figured out that at least some work can be done from home.The idea seems an ideal solution for some work-related problems. Working from home eliminates commuting time and expense, reduces day-care...

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Vision Coverage: The Need is Easy to See

As escalating health care costs force insurance rates to rise, many businesses are exploring ways to cut back on employee benefits. While eye care does cost more in your coverage plan, it doesn't take 20/20 vision to see this is one area that is generally worth every...

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5 Benefits of Working in Retirement

  In the past, retirement has been portrayed as an ending, a grand exit from your years in the workplace. But the rules are shifting. Labor force participation among those aged 65-74 is predicted to reach 32 percent by 2022, up from just 20 percent in 2002.¹ As...

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