Valuation Report

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Fall 2018

Delaware Supreme Court Supports Dell Deal Price

The Ins and Outs of a Valuation Review

AICPA Extends ABV Credential to Non-CPAs

Summer 2018

2018 ACFE Report to the Nations Fraud and Its Effect on Value

Valuation Considerations for Craft Breweries

DLOM Always on IRS Radar

Spring 2018

Court Cases Highlight Valuation Issues

How to Work Best with Valuation Expert Witnesses

Balance Sheet ≠ Value

Winter 2018

How Expert Testimony Works — or Doesn’t

Why Fair Market Value Does Not Equal Selling Price

Treasury Withdraws Section 2704 Regulations

Fall 2017

Valuation Issues Impact Court Cases

Getting to the Meat of Restaurant Valuations

IVSC Issues Final Valuation Standards

Summer 2017

How to Value Startups and Pre-Revenue Companies

The Importance of Storytelling in Valuation

Different Standards Apply to Different Circumstances

Spring 2017

Understanding Investment Value and Synergies in a Sale

What’s the Relationship Between Debt and Value?

Considerations When Valuing a Carve-Out

Winter 2017

How to Get Your Company Transaction-Ready

IRS Suggests Restricting Estate Valuation Discounts

AICPA Introduces New Fair Value Credential

Fall 2016

Court Cases Illustrate Key Valuation Concepts

Put Projections in Context

Expert Witness or Consultant: Which Do You Need?

Summer 2016

Research Backs Validity of Tax Affecting S Corporations

The Ins and Outs of Calculating Lost Profits

Normalizing Compensation Reflects True Cash Flow

Spring 2016

The Ins and Outs of Using a Neutral Appraiser

Key Factors Influencing Physician Practice Valuations

Buyer Beware: How to Perform Proper Due Diligence

Valuation or Calculation: Which Do You Need?

Winter 2016

The Red Flags of Fraud

Huge Bankruptcy Case Involves Many Valuation Questions

TEEM: How to Value a Business with Real Estate

Considering an Exit? Close the Value Gap Now

Fall 2015

Court Cases Shed Light on Key Valuation Topics

Considerations in Oil and Gas Valuation

DLOM Tool Offers Probability-Based Calculations

Summer 2015

Personal or Corporate? – Bross Trucking Case Illuminates the Nature of Goodwill

Subsequent Events – What Did the Analyst Know – and When Did He Know It?

Different Credentials = Different Standards

Spring 2015

Litigation Update – DLOM at Issue in Recent Valuation Cases

Technical Topics – The Importance of Challenging Projections with DCF

Beware of Rules of Thumb

Winter 2015

Litigation Update – Genco Case Illuminates Key Valuation Issues

Exit Planning – Put Yourself in the Mind of a Buyer

What’s It Worth…to Whom?

Fall 2014

Planning Ahead – Best Valuation Practices for Buy-Sell Agreements

Litigation Topics – Economic Damages: Lost Profits vs. Lost Business

Technical Topics – Determining the Value of Control

One Neutral Appraiser May Speed Litigation

Spring 2014

Technical Topics – Know the Value of Your Company’s Intellectual Property

Looking Ahead – Who’s the Right Buyer for Your Business?

Valuation Audits – How to Work with the IRS

Normalization Adjustments Reflect True Performance

Winter 2014

Legislative Update – Latest Court Cases Present Provocative Issues

Investment Issues – Start-up Valuations Require Careful Assessment of Risk

Simplified GAAP Proposed for Private Companies