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How to Structure Buy-Sell Valuation Provisions

  A buy-sell agreement is among business owners’ most important documents. Often incorporated into an operating agreement, a buy-sell agreement dictates the terms of transfer for a departing owner’s interest in the company. Among the legally binding provisions in...

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Kress Case Signals Court’s Assent to Tax-Affecting

A recent gift tax case, decided in a U.S. Federal District Court in Wisconsin in March, might have sweeping impact on the valuation of S corporations nationwide. The case, Kress v. United States, involved Green Bay Packaging (GBP), a family-owned paper and packaging...

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Don’t Want to Sell Yet?

Nearly 10,000 baby boomers turn age 65 every day. Many are in great health and look forward to a vibrant future. Some will continue to work, energetically leading their companies into the coming years. Others would like to retire but hesitate to sell their companies...

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Charitable Gifts Before Sale Require Timing & Valuation

Philanthropically inclined business owners have many options for charitable giving. One popular avenue in today’s busy mergers and acquisitions environment is the donation of stock to a donor advised fund (DAF). A DAF is a tax-efficient way for individuals to give to...

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